Interisland Terminal was founded in January 2009 out of a vested interest in the cultural and socio-economic life of Honolulu. We believe in our community's creative potential.

Interisland Terminal presents a year-round programs in Contemporary Art, Design and Film that explores the intersections of creativity, innovation and civic engagement, thus paving the way for imaginative approaches to the civic and social challenges facing Hawaii. We are unique in our stand for strong curatorial independence, cutting across all media, and with an emphasis on design unfound in existing local organizations. The organization’s creative direction is truly hybrid and international – with our staff based in Honolulu, but with significant footprints in Los Angeles, New York, and the Asia-Pacific.



Present Accessible, Authentic, Important Arts Programming

Interisland Terminal will present authentic, international film, art and design exhibitions in a manner that prioritized accessibility in terms of cost, location, and open hours.

Catalyze Local Creativity

Interisland Terminal supports emerging and established local creative producers (artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians, writers, etc.)  and provides unique social and intellectual opportunities for a broader creative community.

Develop Community

Interisland Terminal believes that engaging dialogue about innovation and creativity is critical to the development of our community.

Build and Sustain Capacity

Interisland Terminal prioritizes building sustainable capacity through effective funding, prudent financial management, strategic partnerships and a skilled, passionate all-volunteer staff.

Entertain and Empower

Interisland Terminal understands seeks new ways to engage Hawaii audiences through contemporary art, design and film, thus broadening the bounds of creative possibility in our community.