Analog Swap Meet

Date: April 14, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: R&D, 691 Auahi Street
Free, no RSVP

Living in a digital age doesn’t have to mean we can’t celebrate and learn from the experience of the analog. We’ve gathered together some great finds in used architecture, design, culinary and art printed matter, as well as some film-kine photo equipment for a good old fashioned swap meet! Bring other architecture, design, culinary or art books and/or photo equipment and materials you’d like to donate or trade. Bring a friend to browse!

If donating items to Interisland Terminal to sell/swap on your behalf… Please try to arrive between 9:30/10:30 to drop off items. You may help us by pricing them ahead of time and/or work with us to price items when you arrive. Interisland Terminal will keep the proceeds from any sales of these items and/or pass on/give away any items leftover at the end of the sale.

If you’d like to sell/swap items yourself:
Please email in-advance so we can reserve a space for you. You must stay to man your “table” for the duration of the event. Bring your own cashbox and/or small bills and coins to make change. You keep whatever you make, but we suggest a small donation to Interisland Terminal from your sale proceeds to help cover the costs of the event.

9:30 AM arrive at R&D (691 Auahi Street – free 1 hr parking in the lot behind our building). Check in with a staff member to be assigned a spot
10:00 AM Sale opens to the public.
11:00 AM Morning Glass coffee service starts.
2:00 PM sale closes, we clean up and re-set tables for the regular Saturday R&D crowd