Assemble (Competition for New Community Architecture Winning Design) - a merchandise sales and information kiosk
Designed by Luke Altenau and Katie Coffman

Date: Launching December 2010
Location: Neal S. Blaisdell Center
Beneficiary Organization: Ballet Hawaii
Project: A merchandise sales and information kiosk


$1500 and the opportunity to have their design built and used by Ballet Hawaii 

“Lovely poetry in the idea formulation – the abstraction of movement with imaginative use of materials.”


Human Architecture: Static. Ballet is human architecture. It is structure. It is static. When bodies are brought together legs become like steel posts, arms like beams – and cables, all of the acting in synchronicity at precise connection points to achieve such feats of suspension, cantilevers, height and spans that never cease to amaze the on-looker. This concept acknowledges the similarity between ballet and architecture and hopes to fuse he two toward a physical shape. Simple lines were drawn – abstractly, the human form at these critical points during a left, throw, lock-out or even just simple pivots of transition. The idea was to mimic these structural elements and incorporate them into an architecture. The end result should echo the lines and profile of a ballet dancer.

Time: Plastic. Ballet is movement in time. It is fluid. It is plastic when bodies are brought to move to music, to bend and flex in space – nothing is still. Imagine a camera set on a long exposure as a pair of ballet dancers move across the floor. What shapes can be derived from such an architectonic study. This concept acknowledges the architectural potential – the energy found in bodies that are at motion. Again, profiles were drawn; these were then lifted across space and time – connected from beginning to end. The result is a profile extruded along a distance – a sweeping motion that mimics the fluidity of dance. This process also speaks to lightness of materiality and of constructability. The end result should be seen as an object of grace, agility and fluidity, much the same as a ballet dancer would.


Walls Reused sails + tubular steel = easily assembled, light panels

Counters Translucent polygal = provides elegantly lit countertops, environmentally sound product

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Sponsored by:
Haleiwa Town Center
Hotel Renew
Hawaii Architectural Foundation
Atherton Family Foundation
LEF Foundation
University of Hawaii School of Architecture