Ben Trevino focuses on our film and tech/innovation related programming. He has worked in a variety of public, private, and academic settings, and in 2017 launched Biki, Honolulu's municipal bikesharing system. 

Sarah Honda shapes our marketing, PR and sponsor/donor development for all of Interisland Terminal's programming areas - Contemporary Art, Film, Design and Tech.  In her day job, she works as an editor of several lifestyle and culture-realted media outlets.

Trisha Lagaso-Goldberg is a contributing curator of Interisland Terminal's contemporary art exhibitions and programs. She brings a long history of independent curatorial work and leading community-based projects that feature and support emerging artists.In her day job, Trisha directs the Art in Public Places programs of the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

Sean Shodahl coordinates many of our film programs.  Having spent his whole career working in film, from festivals in San Francisco, Tribecca and Sundance, to production, to distribution, Sean brings a wealth of industry knowledge and passion to this programming area. In his day job, Sean works on several local film and tv productions, and cares for his 83 year-old mother.

Burt Lum partners with Interisland Terminal on our tech/innovation and Open Data programs. He is the Director of Hawaii Open Data, for which Interisland Terminal is a fiscal sponsor, and works to advance the open knowledge and public domain issues at the State and City level, and within Honolulu's resurgent start-up community.

Maile Meyer is a contributing curator of Interisland Terminal's contemporary art exhibitions and programs.  She is a long-time producer, administrator, fundraiser for culture and the arts, specifically in the Native Hawaiian community. In her day job, she is the owner of Na Mea Hawaii.

Marissa Abadir focuses on the event and site management for Kaka‘ako Agora, our new community resource and gathering space in Kaka‘ako.  Working with us part-time, Marissa is Interisland Terminal's first paid staff member.  In the rest of her time, she is mom to an active 6-month old, and also coordinates and produces projects for other arts and community initiatives.

Annie Koh joined Interisland Terminal as a docent at Kaka‘ako Agora, assisting with the day-to-day and event operations of the space.  She now shapes much our urban design related programming while finishing her PhD Candidate at the Univ. of Hawaii's Urban and Regional Planning program studying community arts initiatives that occur in the face of real estate development.

Wei Fang focuses on the contemporary art and design programs and exhibitions of Interisland Terminal, as well as the back-of-house administration of the organization.  She has worked in non-profit arts education, curatorial museum settings, and in the for-profit market for contemporary art and design. In her day job, she focuses on bridging the gaps between urban infill development, affordable housing, and contemporary design.