Carousel: Group Image Inspiration Machine 2

Date: August 8, 2014
Time: 6:00-9:00 PM
Location: Kaka'ako Agora, 441 Cooke Street
Free, no RSVP

Twenty-eight creatives, ranging in backgrounds from architecture and engineering to history and performance art, were invited to select images for projection in either 35mm slide film or digital file format. What’s missing is the lecture, however—no talking heads or “experts” will tell the audience what they’re looking at or even who selected the image. CAROUSEL is not a place for niche knowledge. Nor is it a playground for art nerds to battle it out over who knows the most about Basquiat or Baldessari.

CAROUSEL is about: WORD ASSOCIATION. In this way, everyone is an expert. Everyone comes to the Agora armed only with her/his own ideas and associations. Whereas in an art history class or the conference room at work, the expected behavior is: BE QUIET, LOOK, LISTEN, LEARN, CAROUSEL participants are encouraged to:
LOOK, SHOUT, LISTEN, LEARN. In this media-dominated, image-saturated age where obsessively checking Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat on your smartphone—all before that first cup of coffee—is
considered normal, an event centered around looking at images may seem trivial and unnecessary. What differentiates an event like CAROUSEL from these personal image-viewing rituals?


Invited image selectors include:

Amber Abinsay & Camryn Bonifacio, architect & construction engineer

Siempre Aldo, vocalist/composer

Beau Bassett, attorney/filmmaker

Kahiau Beamer, visual artist

Desoto Brown, Historian/Archivist, Bishop Museum

Marion Cadora, Assistant Curator, The John Young Museum of Art/University of Hawai'i Art Gallery

James Cave, Editor, The Offsetter

Geremy Campos, Stylist, Aloha Rag

Lesa Griffith, Director of Communications, Honolulu Museum of Art

Jordan Harrison, Cultural Philosophy and Psychology of Art Scholar

Chris Kahunahana, filmmaker

Reise Kochi, stylist/designer

Laura Konecne, visual artist

Primo Lagaso Goldberg, visual artist/musician

Annie Nguyen, graphic designer

Aaron Padilla, Curator of Education, Honolulu Museum of Art

Ihilani Phillips, architect

Stephen Salel, Robert F. Lange Foundation Assistant Curator of Japanese Art, Honolulu Museum of Art

Travis Sasaki, visual artist

Lawrence Seward, visual artist

Davey Shindig, DJ, KTUH

Daniel Simonich, Planner, Hawai'i Community Development Authority

Haren Soril, photographer/graphic designer

Blaine Tolentino, writer

Misa Tupou, performance artist

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Department of History Anonymous Image Selector

Haru Yasumi, visual & performance artist

KTUH DJ James Charisma will set the mood with music pre- and post-projection and The Sunny 16 will be on hand with vintage slides, snapshots, darkroom prints from old negatives, and slide reprints for sale. A specially designed drink menu will be hosted by bartender extraordinaire Selena Makaena and popcorn will be available to keep energy levels high and to help fortify courage for blurting out word associations!

CAROUSEL: group image inspiration is the brainchild of independent curator and community art organizer, Trisha Lagaso Goldberg. The event was organized with the help of style-maker and emerging art historian, Erika Enomoto.

Sponsored by:
Our Kaka’ako