Contemporary Art / ii Gallery

Etching in Echoes: New work by Charleton Kupa‘a Hee

Exhibition Opening: October 3, 2013, 5:30pm

Exhibition Dates: October 3 - 

Location: ii Gallery, 687 Auahi Street


"As a modern Hawaiian, brought up in Eastern, Western and Pacific traditions, I gravitate towards historical events and people who have successfully found ways to meld multiple cultures in hopes that I may do so within myself: leaning on the past to inform the future.  As an artist I seek out ways in which to express this idea of cohesion by utilizing compositions, techniques and aesthetics drawn from disparate cultures.  I start with something familiar to this place, the gourd form.  Then I look to others' methods in perpetuating culture; China, Japan, Greece, India, Egypt, each using ceramic forms to celebrate their heroes, honor their gods and venerate their ancestors.  With form and technique in mind I return to my comforts, the stories I grew up hearing and begin to do what was done for generations.  I echo the stories once more."  -- Charleton Kupa‘a Hee

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