First light last light by friendly falcons (jeff kurosaki + tara pelletier) a special performance at r&d/ii gallery

Date: March 8

Time: 8:00pm

Location: R/D 691 Auahi Street

First Light Last Light is a multimedia performance by the New York City-based collaborative Jeffrey Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier. The project explores a dialectic between “reason” and “intuition”. The tension between these is described through the deconstruction and manipulation of a tree. Using performance in combination with live and recorded video, sculpture is an interface between the two. The sculptures are extensions of the settings within the videos that activate and elaborate upon the narrative. What may at first be presented as a tightly edited scene- framed, cut, and placed into a sequential timeline- is embellished and sustained through recreation in real-time and space. Thus, the sculptures evolve just as the time-based media does. For the duration of First Light Last Light, the artists perform an original musical score.

Sponsored by UH Department of Art and Art History