Date: February 21

Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Location: R/D, 691 Auahi Street

Tattoos. Rum. Hotel Street. From WWII through the Vietnam Era, millions of U.S. GI’s spent time in Hawaii while serving in the Pacific Theater. Chinatown and Hotel Street in particular were the stomping and romping grounds of these young men during their R&R. The person lauded for pioneering the blend between Asian and Western body art was Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins.

If you missed the film at the Honolulu Academy of Art’s Doris Duke Theater, Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry is a feature length documentary exploring the roots of American tattooing through the life of its most iconoclastic figure, Sailor Jerry. Based in Chinatown in Honolulu and considered by many the foremost tattoo artist of all time, Collins is the father of modern day tattooing, whose uncompromising lifestyle and larger than life persona made him an American legend. Directly preceding this event is Sailor Jerry’s Showcase at Manifest Hawaii.

SIGNATURE EVENT: FREE EVENT WITH TICKET OR WRISTBAND! (Grab a free ticket here then show any ticket from any paid Hawaii Cocktail Week event, a wristband from any Pacific Sessions event or a current Yellow/Blue card to get in at the door.) Suggested donations to R/D.

Sponsored by Sailor Jerry, Hawaii Cocktail Week & The Pacific Sessions