Veritas II: a sculptural installation and digital prints by Kaili Chun

Date: November 14- December 14, 2013

Time: Opening Reception November 14, 6:00-8:00pm

Gallery Hours:  T-Sat 10am - 4pm

Location: ii Gallery 687 Auahi Street


On November 30th, 2012, Artist Kaili Chun staged a 24-hour installation of fifty 8-foot steel cells on Waimanalo Beach. Students of Jaimey Hamilton’s 2012 Land and Contemporary Art class, friends and family were integral components of the exhibition, helping to install, document and communicate with viewers.

The next iteration of Chun’s Veritas II is featured in Kaka‘ako's ii gallery from November 14th – December 14th, 2013. An opening reception on Thursday, November 14th from 6P – 8P will celebrate six digital prints on watercolor paper based on photographs taken by Erin Yuasa. Yuasa documented the cells’ evolution and movement during several hours of the 24-hour pop-up exhibition.

Sculptor and installation artist Kaili Chun negotiates ideas of containment and exposure, agency and restraint. Process and materials transform physical spaces into unique environments commenting on contemporary issues in her work. She often constructs narratives through symbols and objects that address the impact of historical events on the present day. Organic elements are sometimes included in her pieces, and the changes they undergo during the course of an exhibition metaphorically reference the nature of culture as an evolutionary process.

Chun states “the tensions that persist between western and indigenous ways of knowing and understanding the world, serve as catalysts for demarcating sculptural forms of containment that serve not only as reminders of the many ways in which each person is shaped and constrained, but as negotiable boundaries between inside and outside, between concealment and revelation. Who occupies whom? How do we move between the two worlds in which we live? Are we subject to the boundaries defined by others or do we delineate the boundaries that explicate our situation? The lines are not always so clear-cut.” A dialogue exploring these types of questions and the role of installation and performance art is set to happen, December 6th, 2013 from 6 – 7P.