Competition for New Community Architecture
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the merchandise being sold?
We are not able to provide a list of merchandise. The items change from season to season, but are generally items such as logo t-shirts, stuffed animals, ballet themed products as in the picture included on the technical brief.

Is there a budget to build and what is it?
The build budget is $3000 for materials. Creative use of salvage materials is encouraged and permitted as long as those materials are readily available from local sources.

Who builds it?
An experienced builder and technician who works closely with Ballet Hawaii’s stage productions has been engaged to lead the building of the structure. The winning designer(s) must participate in the build. Interisland Terminal will facilitate additional volunteers as needed for the build.

How do we ship to outer islands?
Ballet Hawaii will be responsible for shipping the completed structure to outer islands as needed for their performances. They typically ship all of their production needs in a container, by boat. Specifications for moving, shipping and storage are detailed in the full technical briefing, available to registered competition entrants.

Clarification on “Two (2) cooperating kiosks of approximately 50sf each for layout and display with approximately 64lf of 2ft width max area for storage.”
Ballet Hawaii currently uses 64 Linear Feet of shelving at 2ft deep to store AND display their merchandise. They would like the kiosks to serve roughly the same volume/quantity of sales activity. Display is currently a challenge for the Ballet b/c, as shown in the pictures on the technical brief, they are currently just using plastic tables and wire utility shelves. Storage is a challenge because in between performances, the merchandise and selling/kiosk/unit needs to be stored on-site in BH’s limited storage spaces. It is not an absolute requirement that storage and display be the same element. BH and the Competition Jury are looking for creativity and new solutions. The winning design/Designer(s) may work with Ballet Hawaii to refine exact details/figures in the build process this summer.

Other Specifics

The elements need to fit through a standard height doorway (minimum 6′ 8″), while the various locations where Ballet Hawaii store their equipment vary in height, bear in mind that Ballet Hawaii will need to get the structure in and out of those spaces. For neighbor island performances, all items are packed into a shipping container for shipment. For storage, the structure can and should be able to be broken down into manageable pieces that Ballet Hawaii staff can maneuver. During use at performance venues, the structure can be higher. Performance venues vary, however – Neal Blaisdell Center, Hawaii Theater, Maui Arts & Cultural Center, etc.

The display and storage does not have to be completely, mutually exclusive. If there is a creative way of combining the two, we are sure that would be considered in the jury.

The specifications, while important, are not meant to seriously constrain your design process. You should be aware and work with them to the extent possible; the exact specifications of the winning design can be refined with Ballet Hawaii and the builder engaged to help complete the build.