Tahir Hemphill: The Hip Hop Word Count Project & The Rap Research Lab

Date: February 6, 7, 10

Place: Kaka‘ako Agora, 441 Cooke Street

Cost: FREE


Friday Feb. 6, 6-7PM  (FREE)
"Arrivals" Conversation: David Goldberg interviews Tahir Hemphill
Hear about Hemphill's process, his best work, how hip-hop influenced his life and creative pursuits, and what it means to combine rap, data-viz, and the essential questions of humanity.

Saturday Feb. 7, 1-4PM (RSVP - FREE) 
Rap Research Lab Workshop "Love Raps: A Survey of Love in Hip Hop" 

Experience the Hip Hop Word Count database in a hands-on workshop and scour the rap canon for insights on romance, rejection, and everything in between.
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Ever wonder who was the best rapper ever? Who used the word 'Hater' first? Who is Rap's favorite modern art painter? Which sneaker is more hip-hop: Adidas or Nike? How worldly (Niggas in Paris) or hyper local (Straight Outta Compton) each rapper is?

Tahir Hemphill and the Hip Hop Word Count database can help you find out! 

Tahir Hemphill is an award-winning advertising creative who blends graphic design, data-driven analysis and the culture of hip hop to create some of the most innovative creative work seen in all three of those industries today. With his project the Hip Hop Word Count, an ethnographic database built from songs from starting in 1979, now you can answer the question: 'Who has the most complex rhyme structure?

Interisland Terminal is pleased to host Hemphill and a series of free and open to the public presentations and workshops on his projects, the Hip Hop Word Count, and The Rap Research Lab.